Field Trip to the Jewish Museum

The American Folk Art Museum currently is closed for installation, so the Teen Docent Program went on the road to visit The Jewish Museum this week. Because this class was a late addition to the schedule, only a handful of the students were able to join the trip, but those who attended had a fantastic time exploring artwork by Lee Krasner and a traditional Russian-American quilt with Jewish Museum educator, Rachael. Rachael conducted engaging conversations around the artworks, connecting them back to folk art and the students’ experiences. She modeled inquiry techniques as well as told the students about the Jewish Museum’s teen programming, including how their teen interns execute their Sunday family programs. After a lively discussion and sketching activity, we joined Jamie Auriemma, Associate Manager of Teen Programs, to talk further about the roles that teens play in the museum. Based on the feedback we heard after the tour, the Jewish Museum staff loved having us there as much as we loved visiting them.

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