Class #3: Cecely and Juan

2014-10-14 16.53.50


Today was the introduction to giving tours at the museum. Guided by Nicole, we went upstairs to the Willem van Genk exhibition. The first piece of art we looked at was van Genk’s collection of raincoats. As we came to this exhibit, we were to take notes on how Nicole gave us a “tour.”  Some things that I took into account for were: giving history about the artist, giving eye contact with the person you’re listening to and the people you’re talking to, internalizing the art work, asking questions about what the piece of art might mean to your audience, and lastly, projecting my voice. These are some things that I’ll keep in mind for when I give a tour in the future.


Today was a fine day at school, but school wasn’t anything compared to what AFAM had in store for me. We learned how to start a tour and how to keep the conversation going for a while: clutching together, asking questions, projecting the voice, making connections, and having some or a lot of background about: the artist, the drawing, and history of the drawing.

2014-10-14 17.22.18


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