Class 16: Practice!

2014-03-25 16.59.15

The Teen Docents took their tours for a test drive today, trying out their inquiry techniques on a group of their fellow students. In the moment captured in the above photograph, Francia has just asked, “What do you notice?” and is about to call on Laddy for a first observation. Notice how she has a smile on her face and how open and accessible her body language is. The students as a whole did a wonderful job embodying best practices for museum education.

The one aspect of their tours that they need to work on between now and their next meeting is really learning their content. While they won’t be lecturing at any point during their programs, it is important that they know and understand the background of the works they’ve chosen to discuss. It wasn’t until they were standing up in front of their peers, suddenly in a position of authority, that the students realized how much they still need to do in order to learn their facts!


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