Class 11: Theme Workshop

Today, the Teen Docents began to make their first concrete plans for their final tours, which are coming up on April 9th. The program instructor, Nicole, led them on a model tour like the ones they’ll give themselves– beginning with an introduction to the museum and the exhibition, then continuing with visits to three pairs of folk art objects and the fashion they inspired. She incorporated a small movement activity and two touch objects along the way.

The theme of the mock tour was “Materials” and the subtheme was “How did the folk art objects’ materials inspire fashion?” (The answer to that question, according to the students, was that the fashion designers responded to the symbolism of the artists’ materials more than to the actual materials themselves).

After seeing how a tour can be organized under a specific theme, the students were assigned groups for their final tours–they were split up into either pairs or trios–and worked together to brainstorm a list of themes and subthemes they might be interested in using themselves. Their ideas ranged from “Process” to “Harmony” to “Symmetry” to “Mood” and much more. They’re off to a great start!


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