Class 6: Questions for Personal Connection and Music Match-Up

The Teen Docents used the activities today as an opportunity to practice public speaking. They were given “Questions for Personal Connection” that asked them to find a work of art that reminded them of their family or of themselves, that had them identify an object they wanted to know more about or gave them pause, and present to the rest of the students about what they chose and why.


The students did an amazing job selecting the quilts and quilt-based artwork that best answered their question and practiced making eye-contact, projecting their voices, and using positive body-language to engage their audience.



Next, the students were challenged to match an art object in the galleries with a song they were randomly assigned. They paired off and listened to mid-20th century country-folk songs, contemporary punk songs, girl-group pop, dancehall and more before heading out into the museum to find their matches. Their choices were surprising, creative and insightful.


Would you have paired “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes with Quilt for a Dentist by Luke Haynes?  After hearing Laddy, Walid and Lia discuss the pairing–the offering of the crown is akin to proposing to someone with a ring–you’d be convinced!


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