Class 2: alt_quilts Walk-Through

The entire second class of this year’s Teen Docent Program was devoted to the exhibition alt_quilts, which showcases the work of three contemporary artists–Stephen Sollins, Luke Haynes and Sabrina Gschwandtner–alongside the kinds of traditional quilts from the museum’s collection that inspired them.




Students were particularly interested in Sabrina Gschwandtner’s use of 16mm film to create works like Camouflage. The material had a different meaning for these students–who are familiar with film only as what tourists use in their disposable cameras–than it does for older museum visitors for whom digital technology is still new, rather than what they’ve always known.

The students’ observations and the depth of their insights into each individual artwork, as well as the relationships between them, speaks well for the many conversation to come throughout the year.


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