Welcome,Teen Docents 2013-4!

This semester, the American Folk Art Museum’s Teen Docent Program welcomes a class of high school students from Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School and Talent Unlimited High School for a year-long program. They will be the first crew of Teen Docents who get to experience three different exhibitions at the museum.


The new group spent the first day of the program getting to know each other. They paired up and each answered the questions:

“If you could eat only one food for the next month, what would it be?”

“Is there a song you listen to on repeat? What is it?”

“What is your earliest memory that has something to do with art?”

Following their ice-breaker, students took part in “The Sort”–an activity designed to help students understand the breadth of the museum’s collection and of the field. They then ventured into the galleries for an in-depth discussion about an icon in the museum’s collection– St. Tammany Weathervane.


We are excited to see what the year brings!


One thought on “Welcome,Teen Docents 2013-4!

  1. This day was really fun, even though it was only the first day i felt like everyone was happy to be there and ready to start learning new things about the exhibitions at the museum. Im especially excited to start this journey its something i’ve never done before and i’m ready for it.

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