The Teen Docents answer the question: What are your initial concerns about leading a tour?

“I fear I will accidentally give false information on an artist.” —Cassie

“One of my biggest fears is not being able to answer someone’s question.” —Jania

“Some of my initial concerns about working in a museum and doing a tour are knowing what to expect: an interactive group, a serious group or quiet group. Along with that, I want to learn how to accept their different behaviors so that I can do my job well.” —Karina

“I am concerned that the students I give tours to may seem bored or uninterested.” —Dianitza

“I am open minded to the ideas that are going to be provided to use so I don’t have concerns about working at the museum and doing a tour.” —Maziel

“Letting my nerves get the best of me is a weakness I have.” —Delilah


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